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  • Players will form a team of 5 members (all Batsmen), one of whom shall be a captain.

  • No player can play for more than one team.

  • Each team will play:-

  •  Amateur level for league – Approximate delivery speed of 65kms/hr to 90kms/hr.

  • County Level for Semi-Finals & Finals  – Approximate delivery speed of 90kms/hr to 120kms/hr.

  • Each team gets 10 overs to play (each player gets to bat twice batting order remaining same)

  • One player will only get 2 wickets.

  • A batsman goes in to bat when the previous wicket falls. Once all five batsmen have batted and gotten out and if the stipulated number of over’s is not completed, each batsman gets a second chance to bat, necessarily in the same order as the initial batting order. Same batsman cannot bat continuously twice.

  • The winning team of each match will be decided on the basis of higher score. If both teams have a tie score, they will play a super over. 

  • Wide will be counted as dead balls. Stumping will be counted over wide. In the case of a stumping a wide will not be given

Format of the Tournament:

  • Online registration is available here. 

  • Walk in registrations at Smaaash Insportz centre are also allowed.

  • Each team at the time of registration will be required to submit the prescribed forms duly signed by the Captain and with all the names of the players which cannot be changed during the Tournament.

  • A team of 5 is required and individual participation will not entertained.

  • By participating in the Tournament or by signing the registration form, accepting the Terms and Conditions  even if one player has signed on behalf of the whole team (name of players mentioned and those not i.e. whoever represents the team) , every player shall be deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions of the Tournament.

  • Smaaash Insportz have the right to reject a registration for the Tournament for any reason that will not be explained. Even if a participant has registered online, Smaaash Insportz could still screen the registration and could still reject a registration.

  • Smaaash Insportz may also consider conduct of participants who have participated in previous Tournaments conducted by Smaaash Insportz and could reject a registration for any reason that Smaaash Insportz felt was not ethical.

  • No Food and Beverage is provided in the registration fee.


  • The final award ceremony will be held within 60 days after the completion of the Tournament where the awards, including the prizes will be given out to the winning teams.

  • The winning team comprising of only 5 players will be entitled to receive the award. The award including the prize money (if any) shall be handed over to the Captain of the winning team. The Captain of the team will be responsible for distributing the prize money (if any) among the team players.  Smaaash will not be responsible for any issues that may arise due to the payment of prize money and will not be responsible if particular player/players do not receive the prize money (if any) due to whatever reason.

  • Taxes and any charges according to the applicable laws in India would be deducted (if applicable) before prize being handed over to the Captain. 


  • No professional cricket players (Any Player who has played at the District/State/National/international Level) are allowed to participate in the Tournament.

  • Anyone from or outside Dubai can also register and participate in this Tournament.

Eligibility Criteria:

Participation Fees: AED 250 per team

Total Prize Pool AED - 5000