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  • Each Team has to be present at the venue and report on or before the scheduled reporting time.

  • The captains are responsible at all times for ensuring that match is conducted within the spirit of cricket.

  • The team captains are responsible to start the match(s) and finish the match(s) as per the scheduled time.

  • The Team cannot be changed after the Zonal qualifiers.

  • Players are recommended to wear dark or non-white clothes.  Smaaash Insportz will not be responsible for tracking errors due to players kit/attire color or otherwise. Kits will be provided only in Semi qualifiers and Finals. Outside Kits are not allowed to be used in the Tournament.

  • Tampering with any of the equipment of Smaaash Insportz can result in disqualification from the Tournament.

  •  Tournament shall be subject to the ‘Force Majeure Events’. Therefore, Smaaash Insportz will not be liable for any delays that are caused by or changes that are necessitated by any eventuality not within the control of Smaaash Insportz or any agency associated with them, including but not limited to strikes, acts of God, weather, war, quarantine, riot, police action, court’s order or Government instruction etc.

  • Any team found to be manipulating through any means during the Tournament could be disqualified at the sole discretion of Smaaash Insportz.

  • A team could re-register (pay registration fee) and play any number of times during the league.

  • If any team/team member walks out of the playing area for whatsoever reasons without the umpires/ operators consent, the team concerned will be disqualified from the Tournament and the fees, if any, will not be refunded.

  • Request for postponement and/or shifting of matches shall not be entertained.

  • In case of emergency, a team may have to play 2 or more matches in a day. In such cases, adequate time as may be decided by the organizers will be provided to players to recuperate before the next match. In the event of a team not ready or present to start the match within 5 minutes of the scheduled time, a walkover may be awarded to the opponent team. The umpire’s decision in this regard shall be final and binding on all concerned.

  •  Any detail or clarification on the rules and regulations pertaining to the matches shall be answered by the umpires or technical officials as may be nominated by Smaaash Insportz. Their decision in this regard shall be final and binding on all concerned.

Terms and Conditions:

Eligibility Criteria:

  • No professional cricket players (Any Player who has played at the District/State/National/international Level) are allowed to participate in the Tournament.

  • Anyone from or outside Dubai can also register and participate in this Tournament.

  • Multiple teams from one corporate are allowed

  • All Players must abide by the UAE Laws.

  • All Players must abstain from the use of any doping substance that artificially alters physical or mental abilities, before and during the Tournament.

  • Any player shall not report in an inebriated manner and neither indulges in any misconduct or unlawful activities.

  • Smaaash  Insportz reserves the right to disqualify any player or Team at its sole discretion in the event it suspects any illegal activities or misconduct among the players.

Drugs, Alcohol and Doping:

  • Smaaash Insportz or its associates and any other agency associated with this Tournament shall not be responsible for any loss, injury, death or any other liability whatsoever, arising out of participation in the Tournament.

  • A Player that feels sick, dizzy, confused, injured or in any other way unable to play must immediately stop the game, and communicate the problem to the umpire or the personnel of Smaaash Insportz. A player in these conditions must discontinue to play.

  • If a team player gets injured, the team can proceed with the remaining team players.

  • Personnel of Smaaash Insportz can order a player to stop the game at any time, if they believe the Player is a danger to himself, people or property.

  • Personnel of Smaaash Insportz can temporarily disqualify a Player that is injured or deemed unable to play until a doctor clears him for playing.

Health and Injuries:

  • Any disputes/complaints by a team players will have to be taken up formally with the center admin This can only be done by the Team captain and moreover the complaining Team's captain shall need to be specific about his complaint and both the captains should cooperate with a detailed inquiry of both teams.

  • In the event of any dispute, the umpire’s decision shall be final and binding on the players of the Tournament.

  • The officiating umpires during the match have full authority and discretion to handle situations like walkover, reduction of match time due to bad weather, bad light, other unavoidable circumstances, play abandonment and any other dispute.


  • All Players must sign a Code of Conduct before participating in the Tournament. Any breach of the Code can be sanctioned with Disqualification.

  • Smaaash Insportz reserves the right to change, add, modify, withdraw or delete any of the Rules and Regulations or change the Tournament schedule, including cancelling it altogether, and participating teams shall not be entitled for any compensation in lieu thereof.

  • The matches shall start tentatively at around 8:00 A.M. or any other time, during any day of the week scheduled by Smaaash Insportz. Therefore, the participants must be on hand when called, else their entry shall be forfeited. It is the responsibility of the players to stay aware of the progress of the Tournament/matches.

  • Smaaash Insportz holds the right to increase the difficulty level of the Tournament at any point of time.

  • The use of any brands, commercial or other identification by the Players that violates applicable governmental and/or television regulations is forbidden (e.g. Alcohol and drugs related brands, nudity, etc.).

  • Smaaash Insportz and/or the organizers or any other agency associated with this Tournament, will have the right to use the pictures of the participating teams/participants clicked during the Tournament and/or any match, including during the Prize distribution. However, the players shall not be allowed to use any Tournament related photos without prior written permission from Smaaash Insportz.